Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Read the introduction, objectives and theoretical background to the project and then answer the following questions: What main theory or concept is the project based on? What do you already know about this theory or concept?


  • What does the group need to accomplish by the end of the project? 
  • How will you know whether or not your project has been successful?
By the end of the project, we aim to have tried all the staining shown on the book and also see the tissue we stained through the microscopes, and attempt taking a picture of it with the set up in the lab itself. We also wanted to learn the reasons with how the three methods work in staining the tissue, and why the methods are important to the society (from analyzing the stained tissue and explanations from the professor we learnt we could find out if a patient has cancer or not) as it may or may not save lives and doctors can take action on helping patients much faster this way.
Our student mentor guided us along the way so that we know if what we are doing is the correct way or not. She also helps us through the difficult stages like retrieving the lost tissue in the PBS as it got washed off when we tried to wash the antibody off after incubation (immunohistochemical staining). We also compared our pictures of the tissue with the pictures from other groups to see if we are similar, proving ours may have been successfully stained. With the guidance from the mentor, the pictures checked by the staff and professor and help from the other groups, we know if we had done the staining successfully, thus we know the project had been successful. 
The professor and other groups had also contributed to our successful project by explaining clearly the reasons why the materials we used for the staining methods were needed and what the colours of the stained tissue need to turn out properly. With this, we know we had accomplished our goals by the end of the project, and it had indeed been a success. 

Our Achievements